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With a population of nearly 250,000 people and affectionately being called the “desert version of Miami’s South Beach” by The New York Times, Scottsdale is an unique city and opportunity for many big businesses. Let’s grow your brand and get you listed as one of the top businesses within the area for targeted, profitable keywords. This will help you attract new visitors to your website, phone calls to you directly, and customer leads that want your services. SEO has one of the biggest potentials for boosting your bottom-line when it comes to online marketing. Let’s discuss your project goals and budget today!

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When it comes down to it, 9/10 visitors searching online never leave the front page of Google. While that sounds kind of harsh, it’s true. Running a search engine optimization campaign has huge potential, but only when you move your website up in the rankings to the front page of the SERPs. Searchers are looking for you right now, and you’re missing out on those opportunities everyday is you’re not ranked high enough. With millions of searches done locally each month, it’s making more and more sense to for all business to dedicate monthly budget.

As a testament to my own skills, look at how well I’ve targeted you. While I also run national campaigns for all different types and sizes of businesses, it makes the most sense for me to rank in this city and attract local companies for this campaign. That’s the beauty of targeting multiple search terms for your campaign. We’re able to select short, medium, and long-term keywords, which make up our monthly targets for the project. This could be product types, geographical locations, adjectives, nearby landmarks, and so much more. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Now, what makes up a successful search engine optimization campaign?

While Google takes into account hundreds of algorithmic factors, there are essentially two important categories: on-page and off-page. Judging simply by the names, they’re rather self-explanatory, but the finer details get much more particular when optimizing a campaign.

On-page factors include everything on the website being optimized. Some of the biggest factors include the meta title, description, keyword density of the page, amount of content on the page, and number of outbound authority links, as well finer details within each category.

Off-page factors include all of the relevant signals pointing to the website from external forces. The most important factors include the number of incoming backlinks, a balanced link profile, the right amount of certain anchor text being used on backlinks, authority social media profiles setup and linked back from, authority business citations, and more. The factors vary for different types of campaigns.

As an example, a local campaign is run differently than an e-commerce website with products to sell. Citations and map listings are much more commonly used for local campaigns, while backlinks, social profiles, and content marketing are focused on more for e-commerce. The two certainly go hand in hand, but each campaign requires a unique touch to get just right.

Topical relevancy is also another major factor when it comes down to proactively running a search engine optimization campaign each month. This is important for both on-page and off-page efforts. The theme and relevancy of your page, as well as the pages of websites linking and referencing yours are important, since they carry more power and weight. A great example of this is a local lawyer earning a link from a prestigious, law industry blog. This would account for much more topic relevancy and linking power when compared to a smaller, less authoritative general interest blog linking to the same local lawyer. Authority and trust are earned by association. Healthy, effective link building includes both kinds of links, with a major focus on relevance.

In a way, taking care of these factors during a monthly campaign is like marking them off as a best practice action, and improving upon the competition. This certainly doesn’t mean over-optimizing, as that’s one of the easiest ways to get a penalty these days. However, this is why I’m always testing, tracking, and analyzing search engine optimization campaigns on any ongoing basis. It’s important to have the best data and adapt accordingly over time. Staying on the cutting edge is important when competing within Arizona.

As an example, this homepage is now over 900+ unique words of engaging, relevant content. It doesn’t overuse any of my main keywords I’m looking to rank for, and it describes a lot of of the keywords used in relation to organic search marketing. These are called LSI keywords. Basically, this is a fancy way of saying they’re recognized as synonyms of the main keywords and topic overall. They help optimize without over-optimizing, if that makes sense.

Also, as mentioned above, I’ll be optimizing for further relevancy by adding additional inner pages that focus on discussing the topics I’m looking to rank for (I just finished another one today). You’ll find those linked below and optimized accordingly, linking back to the homepage here to distribute the relevant optimization. This particular technique is called a thematic silo, and is quite effective when it can be planned from the very start of a project. It’s not required, but works very well for local campaigns (topical campaigns, too). Overall, we’re looking to gain every advantage we can.

Additionally, it’s important to keep content up to date, and also add more content. We’re convinced Google takes note of this and gives a freshness bonus to content that is added to and updated frequency. It doesn’t even need to be a huge change. It depends on the niche and other related factors, but once weekly is a good sweet spot. In some cases, this can also be blog posts that are published in another location, which are then partially displayed and linked to. We’ve also set up automated YouTube video feeds to accomplish this for clients as well. Talk about a nice set and forget system 🙂

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