Scottsdale Real Estate: What You Need To Know Before Buying & Renting

The beautiful winter weather. The awesome nightlife. The master-planned freeway system. There’s so much to like about the Valley. When it comes to real estate offerings in here, your options are quite vast. Most people think of the entertainment district, or the “mansions” going right up the hills. While, yes, there are mansions and mountains to the North, there are many options in-between.

First, let’s start with location. There are three distinct sections of Scottsdale: North, Central and South. There tend to be pockets and areas within these sections, so you’ll have to research and check them out for yourself. To be general, North tends to be bigger homes, more expensive. Central is middle of the line (with prices increasing around Old Town, Fashion Square, and a few other spots). South is a little less expensive, and close to the border of Tempe.


Once you’ve decided upon your location, you’ll need to choose what type of place you’d like to stay in. The most common choices include a house, condo, or apartment. As you see pictures above, there are some high-end apartments and condos right in Old Town, as well as other more traditional choices. The cost of living is great here, which makes it even easier to find the right placeĀ fast. So, what do you want?

That’s the big key here. Finding out what you want, what your budget is, and then going to work making it happen. It’s like running a successful SEO campaign. You need to know your goals for the project before getting started. Here at our website, we run many different kinds of campaigns. It’s similar to looking for your new place. Starting with the end goal in mind is the way to find the most success.

There are plenty of luxury apartment complexes here. There are also lots of home buying options, with first time home buyer grants also available once you’re a resident. I’ve known many friends who have taken advantage of that and it’s a pretty straight forward process. There are also many condos near golf courses and other amenities here. The options are endless. I can’t reiterate enough that it’s up to you and really accomplishing your goals. The options are here. Your budget and vision is what you’ll need to keep in mind.

As another example, there are quite a few entrepreneurs and big CEOs who have hit it big and bought homes in the hills so to speak. There are many lovely communities including Troon North and others. These complexes are typically gated, and include big four and five bedroom mansion style homes. They run even bigger as well. Others end up staying in luxury apartment complexes, where the rent is higher, but the amenities are much more plentiful. These include resort-style community pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, beautiful common areas, business or group meeting space, and more.

Perhaps we’ll go into more strategic detail in the future, but I’m going to cut this article here. This will be an initial icebreaker type piece. There’s so many different niche markets to get into and discuss. We could do another set of articles in the future talking about homes, apartments, condos, and all the different options there are for staying here in this wonderful city. For now, you can find my About profile here, and as always you can click back to view our homepage and services. Oh, my Couchsurfing profile has been built out, too. Until next time.

As always, whether you have a SEO or local question, I’d be happy to help. Feel free to email me from our contact form page. Talk soon!

Last Updated: 03/20/17

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