Scottsdale Nightlife: Top 3 Spots for Enjoying Your Weekend

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The Entertainment District

Okay, first. There’s something you have to understand about this fine city of ours…

…it has a bustling, busy nightlife scene that rivals some of the biggest cities in the United States. No kidding.

Heck, I’ve heard it being compared to South Beach (in Florida), Las Vegas, and even Los Angeles. While it has it’s upsides and downsides, it truly makes for a nice weekend stay of going out. I’ll do my best to keep this article updated as time goes on, since bars, clubs, and the atmosphere changes quite often.

Second, Old Town also has more to offer than just nightlife. There are many boutique shops, the Waterfront is a big up-and-coming area, and Fashion Square Mall is another major attraction in the area. Perhaps I’ll do another article after this one talking about some of the shops and mall area. There is also nightlife up farther North, but so much of the action is in the Central area (which is affectionately referred to as Old Town). The Entertainment District is across the street from the Waterfront, right off North Saddlebag Trail and Camelback Road.

There’s over 10 bars packed into this small, chaotic area. Many of these are bar restaurants that turn into more of a bar club at night. There are also venues that are primarily clubs, like The Mint and Cake. Livewire is a live music venue that is also sometimes open as a more traditional club. Pull up Google Maps to get a better idea of the area. Make sure to zoom in far enough to see all of the different spots. When planning your weekend (or night), you’ll have to take into account what you personally enjoy doing (as well as your group). Combine those two and it’ll be much easier to choose a place to go.

As promised, here’s my top three as far as venues go in this area. #1: Dakota Bar & Restaurant, #2: Bottled Blonde, and #3: The District. They’re all right in the same area, and make for a nice mix of atmospheres. Dakota tends to be quieter, a little older crowd, and more classy. Bottled Blonde is louder and much more chaotic. District is similar to Bottled Blonde, but there’s more room to move around. If none of these sound appealing, you may like a place called Wasted Grain farther outside of the entertainment district. It’s a short walk away, but features three different bars, live stage music almost every weekend, and much more space. It’s indoor, outdoor, and has any upstairs as well. That one comes in at a close fourth.

Email me with any questions you might have (SEO or nightlife) and I’d be glad to help you out. Until next time, let’s keep our businesses growing!

Last Updated: 01/07/17

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